L.A. Prep's History

The year was 1983 when Founder and President Jim Kirby formed L.A. Prep as a one-man operation with outside suppliers. Through the years, the company has grown to approximately 45 people, acquiring a reputation throughout the industry for high quality.


L.A. Prep offers the same high quality service today, now on a much larger scale. At our start, we serviced one job at a time, and over the years we added people, equipment, resources, expanded the facility, and refined our services. Today, we simultaneously serve as many as 20+ national and global projects.


Early Beginnings

Long before forming L.A. Prep, Jim Kirby raced cars for fun and later as a career, while building success in business and becoming a fledgling entrepreneur. Nearly 30 years ago, Jim created a company chosen consistently by major advertising agencies, automotive manufacturers, and production companies. As a driver, Jim’s involvement with the Screen Actor’s Guild helped parlay his racing career into business growth opportunities supporting all aspects of car care including driving, transporting and attending shoots.


Upon recognizing that L.A. Prep’s respected fleet and transportation services could benefit luxury and exotic car owners and dealers, in 2010 L.A. Prep Transport was formed. It leverages a strong history of transport, highly-skilled and experienced management, staff, and drivers, stellar equipment , quality, and integrity.


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